2022 multi-view face dataset

Data Name2022 multi-view face  dataset
IPR OwnershipSurfingtech
Quantity1000 ID
Captured Devicesmartphone
Details (each person)
  1. Each person is to collect 5 photos: Resolution 3024 X 4032, including a front-facing photo, a 45-degree left angle photo, a 90-degree left angle photo, a 45-degree right angle photo, and a 90-degree right angle photo

  2. Nine videos, resolution 3840 X 2160, 30 FPS:

  • Turn left to 90 degrees, 2) Turn right to 90 degrees, 3) Lift head, 4) Lower head, 5) Turn head in a circle, 6) Close eyes, 7) Blink, 8) Open mouth, 9) Put on a mask.