High Value AI Data Provider

Our Company

Surfing Technology Ltd is a global leading data provider that supplies OTS datasets and data related services for AI companies.

Located in Seattle and Beijing, Surfingtech has team across five continents to provide professional data services. 
With a deep understanding of the data-related pain points in the development of AI algorithms, we independently designed and processed data in scientific ways, producing high-value speech recognition and face recognition datasets optimized for training AI speech and facial algorithms. 

For data solutions to autonomous driving, we are one of the top tier companies in the world to provide high accuracy 3D to 2D synchronous tagging solution.

Our long-term top law firm help our clients to get full compliance OTS datasets and service.  

Our data solutions have been verified by top companies worldwide. Furthermore, we are always optimizing and upgrading our data solutions in order to provide the best value and services to our clients.

From artificial intelligence to authentic intelligence; From human machine to human being.
Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation.
To realize the utmost potential of AI by providing the most valuable data to our customers.
Our Team
Edison Ho

Stanford Ignite

Nankai Business

Dr.Shaopeng Tang
Co-founder & Image Expert

Waseda University

Beihang University Was

in Intel & NEC

Lanying Cheng(Mphil)
Co-founder & Speech Expert

Seriies Entrepreneur BA

University Of Waikato.NZ

Andreas Geiger

Founder of KITTI dataset

winner of 2018CVPR

PAMI Young Researcher