2022 English Speaker face movement dataset

2022 English Speaker Face Movement Dataset

In the intricate domain of artificial intelligence, precise and diverse datasets are indispensable. As a vanguard data provider, we proudly introduce our "2022 100 English Speaker Face Movement Dataset," tailored for groundbreaking applications in facial recognition.

Dive into our dual-part dataset:

  • Emotional Depth - 100 English speakers,7 poignant emotions: natural, happy, disgust, surprise, fearful, angry, and sad. experience the emotion-rich landscape with each subject articulating 3 sentences per emotion. Asum of 21 uniquely emotional sentences for every individual is meticulously captured in a single video using the advanced Live Link Face Dataset.

  • Natural Articulation - Moving beyound emotions, every subject expresses 300 natural sentences. For ease of analysis, these are segmented into 30 videos, with each video encapsulating 10 sentences.

Data Name2022 English Speaker face movement dataset
IPR OwnershipSurfingtech
Quantity100 ID
EthnicityEnglish Speaker
Captured Devicesmart phone APP: Live Link Face
Details (each person)This data has 2 parts:

1、there are 7 emotions, and for each emotion, subject speak 3 sentences. There are 21 sentences for each subject. 21 sentences are recorded in one video

2、each subject speak 300 sentence, and there are 10 sentences in one video. there are 30 videos.

The sentences are in Englishe